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"Beatle Meets Destiny" by Gabrielle Williams

The story on how I picked it up was kind of funny:
I was browsing the new books from our YALSA books. Recently my friend has gotten me obsessed with the Beatles, so I conveniently spotted to cover and, of course, immediately thought of the band. I laughed and showed my friend and turned it over and started reading the back. The first sentence was “Imagine your name is John Lennon”. Sold.
So I took it home and read it and only a few chapters in, I loved it. It has little to do with the Beatles, but still.
Beatle Meets Destiny is a funny little book about a high-school boy named John Lennon who was named John Lennon after John Lennon. Everyone calls him Beatle. He conveniently meets a girl named Destiny McCartney. He almost instantly falls in love. Ironic.
The problem is–he already has a wonderful girlfriend, Cilla. and besides that, Destiny’s older brother, Frank, is Beatle’s and Beatle’s twin sister(Winsome)’s English teacher. Awfully difficult to keep it all a secret, huh?
Beatle Meets Destiny is funny and interesting. It takes an awfully common storyline but turns it with superstition.
Fourteen or above. It has a lot of f-bombs dropped.
Also you learn that Beatle had a stroke (which is why he limps) and he had the stroke while trying smoking pot. Shame on you, Beatle.
Philosophy, Morals, and Themes
Superstition is very very big. Beatle and Destiny meet on Friday the 13th. They break apart on Friday the 13th. And they got together again on Friday the 13th.
Beatle’s path is crossed with a black cat. Soon after everything seems to blow up.
Also, I love how in the middle of ever few chapters there’s a little side chapter of documentary of twins. Beatle is twins with Winsome, who was actually born 45 days after him. In the end, they were in the documentary and it was shown at the end of the school year–where Beatle finds Destiny once again.

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