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"Hush Hush" and "Crescendo" by Becca Fitzpatrick

Warning: Do NOT read “Philosophy and Moral” if you do not want SPOILERS of Hush, Hush.
These two books are some of my absolute favorite books of all time. No joke. They are very interesting and different and seem to cover every genre!
Hush, Hush and Crescendo are about this boy, Patch, who comes to Nora’s school. He’s sly and slick and seems to like to scare and embarrass Nora. But he came for a reason.
No spoilers! Sorry people, but I’m not ruining it.
The whole idea of the books about fallen angels is very cool. To boot, there’s a complicated romance, a mystery element in both of them, and then some serious action. The idea is in-depth so it almost sounds like it could be true.
In Crescendo, it’s a little different. I liked the first better. In the second, Nora is a total idiot. She just keeps pushing farther and father away…
Anyway, it really is an awesome series. There is a third book called Tempest due in Fall of 2011.
Older than 12 at least. Probably older than 13.
Philosophy and Morals
In Hush, Hush, Patch is faced with a decision. Kill Nora and become human? Or let her live and stay as a fallen angel. He ends up with the split-second choice of not only letting her live, but saving her and becoming her Guardian Angel. This is very philosophical in that…
Is it inhumane to kill to become human? Would it make you deserve to become a human if you killed for it? Especially if they’re innocent? And is becoming human worth killing someone you love? If you can’t live as a mortal with the person you love, is it worth doing it without them, verses staying the same as you watch them grow old?
These are the questions of philosophy.
Do you think Patch would be… Patch without being a fallen angel?

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