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"I'd Tell You I Love You But Then I'd Have To Kill You" by Ally Carter

This is a cute book. There are a number of sequels to ITYILYBTIHTKY (Mouthful!) but i haven’t read any of them yet. I plan to! But i haven’t, yet.
This book is about a girl who goes to a girls’ school for young spies. Cammie, however, starts to fall in love with a boy that she met on a mission and that doesn’t go to the school.
The ending is very strange and different than what most people expect in a love story. It’s… refreshing.
The rating on this book is… average. It’s not something I’d make a point to read, but if you see it in the library or something and you need something to read, it’s good.
The concept and cover makes it seem like it’s geared for more younger kids, but the complexity makes it hard for a 9 year old to read, and honestly? what 9 year old LIKES romances? So overall, i’d say it’s…
there is NO sensual content or violence, and as far as i can remember, no swearing, so age may go lower.
Philosophy and Morals
The moral to this book is…
•Chase after love no matter the rules (im not saying you should kill someone or something… laws are the exception to the “rules”)
•Don’t lie to a boyfriend unless you are a top-secret ultra-spy
•If the boyfriend you lied to wont forgive you…
a. he’s stupid that he won’t give you a second chance (and this is SECOND chance, not fourty-second ladies. so don’t justify it if you’ve cheated a billion times)
b. he’s never going to get a girlfriend if he won’t give you another try. If it’s the first time… we’re human, right? shit happens and sometimes we make mistakes or we have to lie, ja?
c. you’re better out without him
d. move on and don’t cry over the metaphorical spilled milk.

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