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"Lament" by Maggie Stiefvater

Lament by Maggie Stiefvater is a very good fantasy novel. It was a beautiful symbolism of what freedom is. <3 :D
It definitely supports a defined romance in it, more specifically with one of the dark bad-boy types. It also twists the preconceived notion that fairies are this little joyful mini-people with wings and glitter. The book is very well written and deserves every good review it gets.
I also want to learn how to play the harp now.

There are some make-out scenes and they cuss every now and then, but overall it's very mild. It does have a somewhat descriptive gore fight at the very end. I would say Ages 12 and up.

Philosophy, Morals, and Themes
From the cover anyone would have thought that the theme of the book is luck. I even thought so, too, but that has very very little to do with the book.

I would have to say the main theme of the plot of Lament is freedom. Luke's hands were metaphorically bloodied for all the things he did because he was not free-willed, and he would have done anything to become free.

Thinking Outside the Box
So at the beginning, Luke mentions a type of person, who can do anything if they want. But what if it totally defied the laws of science? Like blowing our atmosphere off the face of the planet with a single breath. If there was someone like this on Earth, we would be totally screwed. It's just a fact that someone that unique and with so much power will get greedy in some respect and do something that the rest of the world regrets.

1. If you could do anything you wanted, would you want to do things that you previously hated because you couldn't? Like you wanted to be able to swim 100 yards in 40 seconds, but quit swim team because you couldn't go 25 yards in under a minute?

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