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"Sweetly" by Jackson Pearce

Sweetly was a wonderful novel that took the classic fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel and turned it into an urban fantasy about a girl who lost her twin to the mysterious witch in the woods when walking with their big brother.

The main thing I loved about Sweetly is the fact that it held a few themes throughout the book. For one, Gretchen (the re-told character of Gretel) always wondered and wondered why it was her identical twin that was taken and not her. She wonders how, if they were in fact completely identical, she could have ran faster or moved differently since they were supposed to have to same mind and same physical capabilities.
She also was very scared of disappearing. She did not like how her sister just disappeared from the Earth, when no one knew if she was alive or dead or anything. She's very scared of people just forgetting her and so she would just not exist as anything but a name.

I don't have a favorite character, but I loved Samuel and the whole Gretchen/Samuel thing going on. Hehe...
I didn't like Sophia very much when finding out everything at the end because I thought what she did was kind of desperate and she should have gotten those things. And she was kind of sketchy through the whole book, too.
I love how to townspeople's feelings progressed as they began to consider Gretchen and Ansel (re-told character of Hansel) part of their town.

One thing i thought through the book, was that Sophia's father wasn't killed–he was just turned into a fenris.

There was so many surprising things that came up throughout the book it was a very interesting mystery. It was very well written and Jackson Pearce has a lot of talent and she gives amazing writing advice. I'm sad that I will miss her when she visits my YALSA group in June, but I have confidence that I will see her again and I can't wait until the time comes.


 i read the ARC form of this book, and it will not be in bookstores until June. But i believe you can pre-order on Amazon.


You can visit Jackson's site here:

You can see her blog here:

She makes great youtube videos here:

and she's on LIVE every Wednesday at 8 pm EST where she talks about getting published, writing, and sometimes just random stuff about her books and YA. And sometimes none of the above. :

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