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"Entice" by Carrie Jones

Entice is the third in the Need series. It's a wonderful book about pixies...

If you haven't already read my review on Need and Captivate, the previous two books, then do! If you haven't read Captivate DO NOT CONTINUE IF YOU WANT TO AVOID SPOILERS.

The whole plot of this third book is Zara and her friends (Issie, Devyn, Astley, etc.), work to find a way to get to Valhalla, the place where her boyfriend, Nick, a werewolf, was taken when he was on the brink of death. It is a place where warriors injured beyond repair are taken to be magically healed to fight for the god Odin.

There, of course, was a confusing love triangle where Zara didn't really know her true feelings for Astley, her pixie king.

Besides trying to figure out how to get Nick back, Zara's main problem is having all her family and friends to accept and trust her, now that she is a pixie. It was a little depressing to hear how Betty secretly cried the night after she found out Zara turned. Devyn took a while convincing that she was still herself, too. But her mother was the worst. She was absolutely terrible and I would have never forgiven her if I was Zara.

I did not like the ending as much, though. I thought it started to seem a little cheesy when Zara climbed the rainbow. And I think it would have been better if Zara had beaten Frank in the fight without violence somehow, to show she keeps to her morals and she's still the old Zara underneath the blue skin.

As you can imagine if you know about me and my cover selection... I didn't like this cover very much. They seem to have gone downhill. I don't like models or people in general on covers because it forces me to use my imagination for the character's physical looks and since the author has little-to-no say in cover art, it's not always the way the author wanted it to be perceived. I like covers that are more symbolic of the theme of the book.
That said, you can probably see where I stand on the entire Need series covers. The first I liked because the lips symbolized (to me, anyway) the pixie's kiss. The second (Captivate) I didn't like as much because there was no symbolism in it, though it matched the whole dust-covered theme it wasn't too bad. But the third I didn't see as anything at all in it...
1. It had the full face of "Zara", which didn't look like how I imagined Zara at all.
2. She was really really pale and looked like she had dark, sunken-in eyes which looks like she's sick or dying.
3. There is dust on her lips like on the Need cover, but none on her eyelids like in Captivate.
4. There is no symbolism in her blowing/breathing pixie dust like she is on the cover.

But of course, enough rant about the cover. It did not impact how I read the book and overall, I think it was very well-written.

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