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"Need" and "Captivate" by Carrie Jones

These two books are two books of a series. There is a third (called Entice) that I have in my YALSA group but my friend is reading it and she takes FOREVER with reading, so who knows when I’ll get it. I’ll review that one once I read it which will be AS SOON as I get it.
Anyway, Need and it’s sequel Captivate are very good books. They cover the mythological creature that you don’t normally think of when your thinking about them–or if you do, they aren’t the type that you imagine to be evil flesh-eating freaks. Pixies.
Don’t judge! It’s actually very very cool. The pixies in this story are blue giants (no, they aren’t the people from Avatar, but i did think that at first) who have shark-like teeth and like torturing boys and eating their flesh. I know, disgusting, right?
The book is fantasy and very action-packed. There are also weres (werewolves included and yes, it’s another typically shirtless boy). And of course, the love element. I’m not sure I’ve ever read a YA book that DOESN’T have love involved. The first it’s between these three–Ian, Nick and Zara (main character). And then Captivate it’s between Nick, Astley and Zara.
But don’t worry, the romance doesn’t overpower the storyline and the fantasy of it. It’s better than Twilight. I need to do a review on that to share my views…
Oh, I don’t know. It’s not that bad. Some violence. So probably… not under 12? MAYBE 13? Leave a comment about aging if you think different.
Philosophy and Morals
There are quite a lot of philosopickle (it’s an inside joke meaning “philosophical”) content. Mostly about violence. When Zara starts out, shes a die-hard pacifist–the Yoko Ono of her time (and she actually names her car Yoko…). So she hates violence and so when the pixies get involved she doesn’t know what to do because keeping them away by hurting them (the only way you COULD keep them away) would be totally against what she believes. So she has to decide of it’s worth the effort to keep with her pacifistic views even if it jeopardizes someone she loves.
Also, the whole love thing. I don’t want to spoil anything, so I won’t tell you the details of the love story, but the point is a lot like Twilight all over again, just not as cheesy. Don’t let that turn you off of the book, though. But the whole thing is so a CERTAIN PERSON is all like “I love you and I’ll protect you forever whatever it takes, even if it takes my life” and then another CERTAIN SOMEONE is like “I think I’m better for you” yadda yadda yadda. But that second ‘certain someone’ isn’t like Jacob, hes much nicer and more rational and better in every way. Trust me. I’m making a bad analogy, but it’s the only book that people can relate to that seems to be very universal.
Do you think Zara will keep with her pacifistic views and beliefs after everything she’s gone through? Do you think this will change Zara dramatically as a person?
(If you’ve read the book) Do you think Devyn will ever trust Zara again? (This is if you’ve read 
Captivate. It won’t make sense if you’ve only read Need.)

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