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"Draw The Dark" by Ilsa J. Bick

This book is absolutely amazing. Really. The concept is almost… vague, but that gives more room for imagination, right?
One thing that I do caution about this book is DON’T be reading this plus, like, five other books. The plot isn’t complicated exactly, but there are a lot of elements and they’re all important, so forgetting something won’t do.
The whole idea is very very interesting and I have recently gathered that it’s actually similar to the anime (japanese animation, i know, i’m weird) series “Death Note”.
Quick summary of “Death Note”:
This boy, Light, find a book that can kill. All he had to do was write a name and picture the person’s face in his mind and they would die fourty seconds later.
In “Draw the Dark” (which is a very awesome title, i might add) Christian, a young teen artist, has this mysterious power that he can draw or paint people to their deaths. He painted through them and they die. I know, confusing now, but reading it helps to understand it better.
I would say this book is probably good for ages ABOVE 13.
It has a little bit of sensual content, but not in a very immature way that most YA books have it.
It also has a little violence. Poor guinea pig…. (you’ll get it when you read it :[)
Have you read Draw the Dark?
Did you find any moral or advice in the storyline or plot?
(If you have read it) Do you think Christian should or shouldn’t have gone into the door on his wall? What do you think lies behind the door?

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